Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Essence Blusher Brush

I couldn’t resist myself when I saw this Essence’s Blusher Brush on display at Coci Coci.  I walked in, saw it and grab it without hesitation.  Part of the reason is because it was priced rather reasonably, at RM14.90, and the other reason is because it felt so soft on my skin when I tested it.

(see how fluffy it is)
When it’s used with a blusher, it works wonders.  It picks up the right amount of blush and it settles the blusher to sit nicely on my skin.  I don’t have to worry about picking up too much pigments and applying it too thick onto my cheeks.  Such a darling brush.   It also works well to blend the blusher and remove all the harsh lines.  Simple and easy to use.  

The blusher brush is pretty handy for travel use given its size.  I usually keep the plastic wrap that comes with the blusher so that I could slot it back whenever I need to travel with my brush.  Keeps the shape and I don't have to worry about it getting dirty too.

I'd say this is a good buy and I'm kinda itching to go back to Coci Coci to explore and see what they have =D 

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