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Review: Cres Wellness Body Regenerist Fruiti Spa

This year has truly been wonderful.  I've received heaps of blessings since.  One of the recent one was an invite from Cres Wellness to try out their Body Regenerist Fruitti Spa.  I will call this Fruitti Spa from hereon, easier =D

Beware! This post is gonna be long =D

Here's the tagline:

Don't hide it! Flaunt it!

Match your well tended face with smooth, fair and flawless body skin
Wear those bikinis and sexy outfits confidently and admirably
Be a true beauty from top to toe, inside out.

Quite interesting eh?  I do realise that we tend to take care of our face more as it's more prominent and as a result, we ended up neglecting our body.  So, I decided to take up their offer to try out this spa.

Here's the write up on Body Regenerist Fruitti Spa.

Introducing the new Body Regenerist Fruitti Spa specially for women who clamour for perfection, top to toe, inside out. It is designed for those courageous women who refuse to hide anymore, who resolve to face it, repair it and change it! It is meant for those sophisticated women who want to flaunt proudly and confidently.

Formulated using botanical ingredients such as fruits and flowers, coupled with natural sea salt and yoghurt. The Body Regenerist Fruitti Spa serves to provide both a relaxing pampering session and result showing body skin regeneration therapy at the same time. The dead skin cells are scrubbed off using fruits and flower enriched natural marine sea salt. The aromatic fruit extract and flower scents are de-stressing in nature and nourish the skin with vitamins and nutrients. The luxurious fruitti body masque and the lavish fruitti bubble bath ensure an effective infiltration of essence to the inner skin. 

Immediate result:
  • Skin is visibly whiter
  • Flaws and bites mark are lighter
  • Dark skin tone is fairer
  • Skin is new , young and elastic
  • Skin is incredibly smooth and radiant
Does it really work as mentioned?  Here it goes.

When I was walking to Cres Wellness from where I parked my car, I was literally hit my loads of noises and car sounds because the branch is located by the main road of Jalan Kepong.  It wasn't totally pleasant, just your everyday traffic.  However, the minute I was into their lobby, I was hit by two things.  First, my senses were hit by a citrus aroma that seems to engulf me once I am inside.  When I asked much later, they explained that the aroma oil is their own (wholly created by Cellnique) lemon oil.  Secondly, the whole place real quiet compared to the noise out there.  I immediately felt refreshed and naturally relaxed while waiting to be served.  You know the feeling that you are unwinding for the day and just relaxing around?  I felt that when I was just sitting there.  It's a wonderful feeling especially when you are preparing for spa, don't you think?
 Lobby Area

After the initial filling up of forms, I was then invited to follow my masseur, Michelle, to the upper floor and that she will be the person who will be explaining this spa as I experience it.  I thought however, it would be good to get an explanation or a rough idea what to expect because I wasn't inform of anything earlier.  Maybe it's different for different person I guess. By the way, the lemon scent continues to embrace me even as I went upstairs.  It was a pleasant thing really, because it just makes me feel more relaxed every step I took whilst heading upstairs.  Well, I was led to a massage room which was situated at the end of the hall.  I felt the rooms were a tad too dark as I walked into it.  It would have been good if the rooms were slightly brighter and could be dimmed during the massage.

the view as I was walking upstairs

I love this lounge area! So comfy looking

 I was then asked to change out of my clothes and was given a towel and a disposable undies to change into.  Ample time was given for me to do so.  This is good because I've experienced situations where the person seemingly rushing me to change in order to get started.  I was treated to a half an hour Anti-Stress Back Massage.  Below is the description of it:

Anti Stress Back Massage
Using vitamin riched aromatic botanical essential oil, total relaxation of mind and body, stimulate detoxification through lymph nodes, increase blood circulation and de-stress the tensed muscle.

I have to say that Michelle was absolutely fabulous.  The pressure was just nice and she went through the massage slowly, ensuring all my pressure points and lymph nodes were given all the attention.  I felt totally relaxed and wished for a longer massage because it was just so utterly delicious and relaxing.  

After the massage, Michelle proceeded to cover me with the Fruitti Yoghurt Masque and Fruitti Scrub combined.  

Fruitti Yoghurt Masque
Contains natural fruits extracts from pineapple, lemon, rose and orange. Rich in Vitamin C and fruit enzymes that make skin incredibly elastic and hydrated. The lactic acid in the yoghurt is effective in reducing acne and tightens pores. Enriched with pure essential oil from jojoba for a more moisturized and smooth complexion.

Frutti Scrub
Contains natural marine sea salt, luscious rose petals and pineapple puree. Rich in vitamin B, C and E, exfoliate to remove dead skin cells of the body, expose a layer of young skin cell for a better absorption of vitamins, moisture and essence, leaving skin young, rejuvenated and baby-smooth.

The rubdown given by Michelle with the scrub was really good and I have to say that the masque smells nice.  She did a thorough in getting my entire body covered with the mixture.  I know some of you might not like scrubs but I have to say that this is quite gentle.  It doesn't feel abrasive or painful.  Plus Michelle was applying the masque as though she is doing another round of simple massage all throughout my body.

Once that is done, I was covered with blankets up to my neck and Michelle start fiddling with some plastic.  She explained that I will be covered by the hot blanket:

Thermal Blanket Heat Infusion
Promote a high infiltration of essence and nutrients into the epidermis layer by stimulating the lymphatic and blood circulation through heat. 

It seems that it will work amazingly well with the masque.  Although it's called a hot blanket, the temperature was set to warm.  She explains that it's set to a temperature that is enough to work the masque for its benefit.  I was then left alone for about 15 minutes or so and during that time, I remember dozing off and feeling rather comfortable.  It was nearing the end that I started feeling slightly sticky.

After the 20 minutes or so was done, Michelle came in and started removing the hot blanket from me. Once that is done, she personally assisted on wearing a robe and led me to my bubble bath.  It is situated in a different room, but I have to say the design of the room was amazingly cozy and I felt so at home when I got in there.  There was a bath tub situated in that room and a simple staircase inbuilt leading me to the tub.  Oh so inviting... I was greatly anticipating the bubble bath.

Fruitti Bubble Bath
A lavish, long soak in a tub of warm creamy bubble bath rich in vitamin B, C and E to unleash all your tensed muscles and stressed mind. Contains fruits moisture, almond and lactic acid, effective in combating skin irritation, eczema and acne problems. Leaving skin ultra smooth, white, young and hydrated. 

I have to say that the service provided was good.  I was given a different set of towel and it was all positioned nicely.  I was left alone for roughly another 20 minutes or so.  There was already a cup of water and a packet of biscuit situated at the side of the bath tub, easily reachable for my consumption.  Another blanket was position at the top as a head rest for me.  All in all it was quite nice and I find myself in bliss for that short time there.  I do, however, have a gripe.  I wished that the tub was slightly deeper.  I find myself having to keep repositioning myself to ensure that I was soaked in the water nicely.  That means a lot of moving about.  Although there was minimal sloshing, the bubbles disappeared rather quickly due to it.  

Nonetheless, the bubble bath, designed to be hydrating and nourishing, does leave my skin feeling softer and smoother.  I could feel that the areas like my elbow and my knees looking much better and not as wrinkly (I'm guilty of not taking so good care of my body).

Overall, I am satisfied with this spa.  I think I wouldn't mind dropping by Cres should I need a body massage =D

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