Sunday, May 6, 2012

Freshlook Colour Lens by MrLens!

Can I say that I am superbly impressed by the efficiency of  I placed my order on a Friday/ Saturday and I got my goodies on MONDAY! Bless their hearts.  I loveeee efficiency and they thoroughly impressed me.  I think the best part is the fact that they called to inform that they are on the way to deliver to you.  Now, that is a first for me and a pure surprise.  I really have to thank Tammy from  for this wonderful contest that recommended me this wonderful website! 

Okay, before I jumped the gun, let me tell you a bit more about  They are the largest online distributor of contact lenses from Europe in Malaysia now.  I think the best thing about this website is that it is has the largest online inventory of Contact Lenses (check end of post for some of the listing of brands) at the lowest price in Malaysia (serious, the prices are awesome and are incomparable to those that we get from the shops).  I think best part is that is comes with Free Delivery (selected location; but overall shipping price is pretty decent).  By the way, it is free delivery for purchases above RM50 for selected areas in Klang Valley! Check it out at (

They are also on Facebook; you can check them out at

I ordered my two boxes of Freshlook Colorblends.  They are the best selling items at

 This is in the package!

 My choice: Gray and Pure Hazel.
 Look what I got in the package along with it.  It's gummi bears!  I super, super love it.  A simple, but pleasant surprise. 
This is me wearing my pure hazel lens.  Look how natural it is!
Me before the lenses.
 Close up look
Ops, forced my eyes to be bigger so you could see it =D

I think overall, the lenses are rather comfy and good to wear.  I don't always wear it for long hours so I cannot vouch for it, but it's good to go for a fun night out =D  I like the pure hazel more than gray because it feels more natural and yet gives you a bit of the omph! If you could see, I can actually go easy on my eye make up because the lenses made my eyes pop up! Woo hoo.. this is gonna be great for days when I feel lazy to do my eye make up.. hehe

I think one of the best thing about is this: they have incorporated numerous programs which are attractive and would make customers want to return to their website.  One of them is the ·  Recommend a Friend Program and

All I have to do is just sign up for it.  Anyway, I'm already a returning customer so this isn't a biggie for me.  All I had to do is just to login and recommend the site to your friends.  Once they too, made their first purchase, viola, you get something in return. It's as simple as that =D

Oh, by the way, they have a Coupon Share with Friends to earn vouchers to shop at

All you have to do is click "share with friends" MrLens FB campaign to earn RM20/discount when 10 friends like our page. 

So, do give this website a try and I'll betcha won't regret it!

Once again, a bit shout out to and for organizing this and making it so worthwhile!

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Tammy Miu said...

Hi Sue!!! thanks for the nice compliments. I didn't know u wear contact lenses until now! I like the hazel one too, it's more natural :) and suits u well.

I've pick a photo from her n send to MrLens for them to share on their fb page with ur blog link! :)

Good luck on the contest!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. You look great! I just tried fresh look color blends for the first time and love them. It’s fun to change your eye color for a day or two!

Sue Wong said...

Hey there calicobb,

I agree! It's always fun to change the eye colour once in a while =D Hope u'll enjoy urs there

myrtle mayers said...

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kathygomez said...

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