Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Decluttering my closet

It's near Chinese New Year and one of the things that we do is really to declutter!  Have to make sure the house is clean, I'm sure that's what you will hear from your parents if you are chinese, or alternatively, the practice that you do ever since you are a kid eh?  This year, I've taken to decluttering my closet.  I'm bad at it.  I tend to buy clothes and not throw clothes away and thus they keep accumulating (Praise God for last year as I've eased off on my shopping stint).  So, what triggered me to this bout of decluttering?

My church has taken to run a Recycling Project and this round, what they intend to recycle are leather and clothes material.  As I think about the clothes that I have in my closet, I realised that I have clothes which I've not touched for almost 5 years (horror!)  That is really a long time and some may even deemed it hogging.  A lot of times, the clothes are in really good condition (I guess my family's trait is that we take good care of our clothing cause I have t-shirts which by now, would age more than 15 years!) and I feel reluctant to part with them because they are in good condition!  How can one throw away good condition stuff?  Aih...

Anyhow, I've resolute to recycle some of the clothes which I've not worn for a year or two and pack them up into a bag for this round of recycling.

(I know, it doesn't look like there's a lot, but I think I've packed almost 20 pieces of clothing in that little bag there =p)

In some ways, it kinds of frees me as I don't feel the need to flip through all my clothes to find one that fits or one that suits me (trust me, some are really old fashion) or suits the occasion.  Plus, it feel rejuvenating to know that I've learnt to give up a little more than usual and not turn into someone who hogs things all the time.

I do believe that what we do physically have an emotional or a spiritual effect on our lives.  As I declutter, I reflect that as the year begins, I too, need to declutter some of the old habits or old practices and move on with the new year.  It's always good to begin the year light, and I guess this does spill over to every aspects of our lives eh?  

If you're like me, one who tend to keep things and are reluctant to throw things because you think, oh, I have a use for this later or that later... to tell you honestly, the later doesn't really happen.  Hence, why don't we instead clear them up and focus on the present.  Enjoy the present and look forward to the things that may come your way as the year begins...

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