Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shills Cherry Blossom 6 in 1 BB Cream

For the strangest reason, I was really attracted to this BB Cream when I saw it at some website (no recollection of it now though).  This BB Cream is called Shills Cherry Blossom 6 in 1 BB Cream.  It is probably one of my very first full size BB cream which I bought (minus Maybelline, though I find that it doesn't fit the "full size" term).  To digress a little, I find that the brand Shills seems to be a little similar with Benefit (I mean a little) as I noticed that there are some products that's pretty similar to Benefit.  What's more, it's priced a little more affordable as compared to Benefit.  Maybe something to explore?
(please excuse the photo.  My notebook crashed recently and loads of my stuff are gone :( Have to retake and the bottle's quite faded as you can see)

Back to the review.  I remember that I was rather intrigued by its black packaging which gives off a "cool" aura to it.  However, to my disappointment, the tube is just a normal plastic tube.  Well, I'll say at least it's recyclable.  Other than that, it works quite similar to normal plastic tube.  You flip it open and press to get the BB cream out.  The nozzle is not too big, but if you press too much, it might come out too much though.  Thankfully, the tube is not those super soft tube that a slight press will trigger everything out.Another downside to it is that because it is black and it is plastic, my fingerprints tend to be visible everywhere.  Not very good sight.

Texture wise, it is thicker and more cream like as compared to the other types of BB Cream I've used.  I guess because of its thickness, it does seem to last me at least 8 hours.  Most of the others are pretty much gone after 5-6 hours.  

As my skin gets oily easily around the T-zone area, this BB Cream does cause my nose to be oilier.  My nose tends to glisten by mid-day when I am using this.  Quite a hassle as I do not have a habit of blotting my face but whenever I have this one, I have to make sure that I do blot.  Imagine walking around with oily nose, definitely not a good sight to see.

The downside of this BB Cream is that it doesn't provide any sun protection.  Although I do put my own sunblock, somehow, knowing that the BB Cream has sunblock gives me another level of assurance that I am protected some how.

Still, at the end of the day, I'm just hoping to finish the BB Cream quickly as it gets thicker along the way.

I guess, it won't be in my rebuy list.

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