Monday, July 27, 2009

ianti having sale now!!!

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Oh my gosh!!! Ianti is having a major sale right now. Alright, I know I'm getting way wayyyy excited about it. But seriously, it's MAJOR. I've been working here for almost one year now, and I've not seen it on sale before. And when I say it's MAJOR, I'm talking about products for up till 70% discount. And things are probably costing less than RM10.

For those who have not used ianti before, I seriously would urge you to check it out. I mean, it IS one of those Korean brand shops, but I do think that some of them (think skinfood) are getting a little over priced for their products. This ones are still okay, and they carry different range of products under their shop.

I particularly like their ianti branded products, and they are REALLY NICE. Shall update you about the products later.

Seriously, the sale is until 8th August 09, so if you do have time, do drop by their shops and check it out. I am talking about facial wash at 50% discount sitting at RM10, masks at less than RM10 and a lot more. Psst Psst, everything else that is there less 20% discount ok! So don't miss this! Really!!

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