Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ianti Luxe Jewelry Facial Foam Cleanser

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It's tough finding the right facial cleanser when your skin seems to be having a preference of its own. I have problem finding a right and suitable cleanser, thus I always end up changing cleanser everytime and it's been going on for years now!

Guess what! I've finally found the RIGHT CLEANSER FOR MY SKIN! haha.. okay okay, I should calm down, shouldn't I? I'm excited with this, because, not only it is right for my skin, the price is reasonable too. How did I came about it? Well, there's sale at Ianti right now (as mentioned here) and I was just scouring the products there for bargains. My colleagues and I noticed that there is a 50% discount for the facial wash, which means it will only cost me about RM11 for the facial wash (mind you, it's for 120ml). We thought to ourselves, what a bargain and proceeded to purchase it to test, and I was about to finish my facial wash anyway. So thus, we made the purchase and I ended up leaving it lying around for like a couple of weeks.

Two days ago, I started using it, and boy, am I happy with the results. Not only my skin was not having that pulling effect (due to the skin being too dry after a wash), it cleanses well too. The previous facial wash I was using, Bio Essence Tanaka White Facial Wash, left my skin feeling oily and sticky after a wash, and this is totally different! I can feel that it cleanses deep into my skin, and it still leaves me feel refresh and vibrant after the wash.

I think the best part is that I only need to squeeze very little and the foam does wonders. Trust me, I've used foam type facial wash which left my skin feeling dry and yucky, but this doesn't. I'm so happy with the result!! Oh, my colleague who bought it gave me the same comment too, she loves it! We are planning to do some stocking of this product since Ianti will be giving the 50% discount for it again next week (2 Aug - 8 Aug)! I'm so excited... can't wait for it.

By the way, I bought it's Milk Mask too! Shall share the review on it another day, but it's definitely a positive review!)

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