Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Skin 79 BB Cream Samples

Guess what???? I bought myself some Skin 79 BB Cream Samples!  I was just checking out some BB Creams since mine is going to finish soon and I found this website that sells BB Cream.  Granted, it is from Singapore, but that didn't hinder me, since I do have some friends in Singapore who would be kind enough to assist me on this!  So, I got myself 4 tiny bottles of BB Creams!!!
Granted, the packaging isn't as fanciful as the above, but I managed to get myself on the following items:

1) Super+ BB (Hot Pink Collection)
2) Super+ BB (VIP Gold Label)
3) Prestige BB (Diamond Collection) OR
4) Oriental BB Cream

When the package arrived, guess what.  The lady was so sweet to include a small pack skinfood's BB suncream as a gift.  Cool right? I can't wait to get started using them!  Shall update here once I've tried it .. yippeeee...

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