Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

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A friend of mine gave me a new BB cream to use!  It seems that her skin is not suited for it, so she just passed it to me since I use BB cream =)  Thanks W for it!!

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream!  I'm not very familiar with this brand to be honest.  I've seen its outlet at Ikano Power Centre, but other than that, it seems rather obscure.  Anyhow, I've started using it, so I'm gonna share with you about it.
What I Like:

It has SPF42 PA+++.  This means it provides me good UVA protective effect.  What's more, at SPF42, it will definitely last me the whole day (oh yes, I'm lazy to do re-application).  

That aside, it comes in a tube form, and with press bottle head!  It's easy for me to control the amount that I want onto my fingers.  Don't have to worry that I over-squeeze and have too much.  That can be quite annoying at times.

The colour looks good on me.  Initial look, the colour seems to be rather dark and greyish, but once on my skin, it seems to sit rather well and I look rather "fresh", if you know what I mean.

I'm also happy with the fact that it doesn't make my skin looks or even feel oily at the end of the day.  It seems to be doing good for my skin in terms of oil control!  So I'm liking it quite well.

What I am slightly disliking:

As compared to Noblesse Oblige BB Creamthat I've reviewed the last time, the texture of Missha BB Cream is thicker and creamier.  In that sense, it is not as smooth an application onto the face, feels like it gets slightly too thick to apply on the face at times. I'm a bit worried that it wil clog my skin, so I tend to make sure that I use a make up remover to remove cleanse my face one round before I proceed with the normal cleansing.

In overall, given that it seems to sit well on my skin and that it keeps my skin looking fresh even till the end of the day, I give it a good buy!  Apparently my friend bought a few more bottles and it's lying around somewhere in her house.  Am looking forward to get it from her soon....hehe....

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