Sunday, June 27, 2010

TIdy & Neat Bag Organiser

Saw this at Plus Size Kitten's facebook and blog and I was thinking to myself that I gotta have it!  What's more, there was a promotion on for Plus Size Kitten's follower, that makes it a doubly want for sure *Whee*

I fell in love with the black and pink version and I placed my order hurriedly =p Too excited, can't wait to get my hands on 'em!

Shipment was fast, I gotta say this.  I received the package in like roughly 2 days after I made payment.
the tag's so cute! 
When I saw it, I was thinking to myself that it looks small =.= I ordered M, so I was wondering to myself whether I ordered the wrong size since my bags are kinda, ahem, big.  But nonetheless, I decided to check it out and have it plonk into my everyday to work bag =D
As you can see, it is even smaller than my notebook
I really love the design of the tag.  Sucker for all cards and craft, I tell you.
This is how it looks like standing up.  I was quite surprised because the mid-compartment is very very spacious!
This is how it looks like packed with things!
See! Spacious and lovely.  I like it cause it's very light and doesn't put any additional weight to my bag.  It sits very well in fact, in my everyday bag.  I was quite pleasantly surprised by that fact.

Verdict: if you are looking for a bag organiser, do check out Tidy & Neat on their facebook


Miu said...

nice! glad u receive yours early! got some readers didn't get theirs as fast coz orders pouring in so fast tidy n neat have to delay a bit.

Sue said...

ya! i heard! hehe.. i'm sure everyone understands =D they are quite efficient, so I'm glad... keke... thanks Miu!