Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Etude House Glow Base Sun Guard: Current Fave

Just want to share with you guys on my current favourite sunblock.  It's the Etude House Glow Base Sun Guard (sadly, it's discontinued and replaced with a newer version - of course, which costs more!)  I got this a couple of months back when they were running a promotion.  Marketed at the price of RM49.90 at that point in time, they were having 50% discount on it.  Coincidentally, I was looking around for a different sun block and so I grabbed it.  There were two, but when I wanted to buy the other one, it was already sold out.

What I love about it?
Texture: I love the texture.  It is on the creamy side, but not the thick and sticky kind.  It is easy to spread and still feel light on the skin.  Immediately after applying, you can feel that your skin is still breathable.  I like this fact because it's quite annoying when you feel something thick on your skin.  At least for me that is =p

Glow: Because it is a slightly tinted sun block, it does give a natural glow on the skin.  It doesn't make my skin look shady, rather, it gives my skin a rather natural glow.  Granted, if I apply too much (like massively) it does "glow" slightly too much, but with a little powder it'll be okay.  Sometimes, I even use it without any touch ups because, it just gives a natural glow to my skin.

Oiliness: Surprisingly, it does not make my face oily even after almost one day.  Given that my T-zone does get oily as per usual, other part of my skin is rather okay.  I have tried sun block that seems to make my skin glint by noon, but this doesn't.  I still have that natural look and it's rather easy to touch up with it.  I tend to be lazy, and not put anything besides my powder whilst I use this sun block cause, it is just such a good use!  

Does it work as a sunblock?  With SPF36 PA ++, I would say that it does its job.  And the bottle is quite big.  I am rather satisfied with this purchase.  Sadly, although I would want to re-purchase, it is no longer available.  Well, they do have the newer version that costs more.  Maybe I might pick one up and try =p  We'll see...

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