Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Upset with Mac SA at KLCC

I can't believe MAC SA ok!  I am rather upset with them, like seriously.  It's such a turn off that I've made a decision to not step into that MAC ever!

So this is what happened.  I was in KLCC with a couple of my friends (they are in their early twenties and still looking rather student-ish, plus they are small size) when one of them said that she wanted to go to MAC to get her eyeliner which was finishing.  So the few of us agreed and proceeded to the shop.  When we got there, I saw this bunch of SA sitting at the make up area and was chatting.

For me, I would think when a customer walks in, you could greet or ask if you could help; and if the customer said she is just browsing, it means you could walk away and give the customer some privacy or space for them to walk around.

However, not only these bunch of SA (and I am talking like about 4 to 6 of them) ignored us when we walked in, they also ignored us when we were looking for things (and I mean literally walking the whole shop trying to find the eyeliner).  We were rather blatantly in our search because my friend kept asking me where the things are and we were walking and voicing out our search to each other.  If you are smart enough, you could see your customers or potential customers look like they are searching for something and not merely looking around right?  But no, these SA continue to chat loudly and totally ignore the three of us.

Being fed up with what was happening (or what was NOT happening), I asked my friend if she is desperate for it.  She said her liner is really running out and she really does need it.  So, in a rather loud and sharp voice, I said, Excuse me, MY friend wants to make a purchase, can anyone of you help?  Of course, I'm not helping it by looking rather pissed the whole time I said that particular sentence.  One of the SA jumped up to help, and was acting friendly.  I wasn't too happy because it felt so fake.  I was quite blatant in showing that I was unhappy, because I WAS!  I told my friend not to go back to MAC KLCC because of this incident.

My friend, being young in their age, asked me why I was upset.  I said, I expected more in terms of service given it's MAC, and it was a rather rude shock to me to see them "servicing" customers in this way.  To me, no matter who walk in, you should serve properly and handle your position well.  It is only then that customers would stay on with you.

Here's my thought.  You have 3 ladies, 2 of which who are slightly younger walk in, and you choose to ignore them.  It means you are ignoring the fact that these are your potential customers.  Given you have two younger ladies, if they experience good service and felt that it's a good buy because your service is good, you would have potentially secure a returning customers for your future.  However, because of your service right now, not only have you lost 3 customers (I can tell you I have kinda lost interest in MAC because of the SA service); and potentially more because we happen to be bloggers!

Being from the service line and working in service related company,  I know what good service and how it benefits the company and the people in it.  Sad to say, if the MAC SA continue to give such service, I'll say, good luck, because I am definitely not a returning customer.

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