Friday, November 12, 2010

Nature Republic's Color Day Apple Nail Remover

As I was typing this, I find the name hilarious!  You want to remove your nail using liquid?  I for one do not wish to have my nails removed, but I guess I'll use it to remove my nail polish and that's the extend of it =p

Guess what? I am TOTALLY IN LOVE with this nail polish remover.  Oh my gosh, where have you been all these while???  I love it because:

It smells fruity: 
It doesn't give off that alcohol smell that tends to be awful and leaves the room smelling as such for a long long time.  This smells sweet and it beats that awful smell by far off

It removes my nail polish in a breeze: 
It works even better than my Sally Hansen nail polish remover.  I've had a record of my coatings of nail varnish and it just removes them *pooh* just like that.  I guess the most I rubbed (gently) was like about 3 - 5 times and the colours came off just like that.  What more do I have to say?

It is really cost saving: 
At RM5.90 per bottle, this is such a bargain.  What's more, it helps me to save cotton!  Now that's what I called cost savings!

p/s: Nature Republic is located on the 2nd floor of Berjaya Times Square near the Centre Court (near Sasa).  The shop is huge and they have a variety of goodies priced at different range for your perusal and enjoyment.  

This review is personally of my own and contains no endorsement from Nature Republic

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