Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Review: Garnier Aqua Defense Intensive Moisturising Essence Gel

A few months back my skin was looking rather dull, making me feeling rather dull as well.  I've tried many different types of lotions and etc and I even have pimples popping up! Oh my goodness!  So a crazy thought hit me that says, maybe my skin is not moisturised enough.  So I started scouting for bargain goodies that contains ample moisturising entities and keep my skin plump without the need for splurging (was going broke from shopping!)  Having read about the Garnier Aqua Defense in a few blogs; I decided to give it a try.  I went for the Aqua Defense  Intensive Moisturising Essence Gel because my skin tends to be oily and I don't heart putting creams on my skin.

My very first question when I opened the container is, "eh, it looks watery...".  I guess that's because I was expecting it to be slightly thicker and more gel-like.  Nonetheless, it doesn't seem dodgy.  It's green in colour by the way.  Hehe.. does it turn you into incredible Hulk?  Worry not, cause it sinks right into your skin rather quickly.  I do encounter a slight stinging session when I applied it, but that feeling disappears rather quickly too.  Plue who reviewed this item states that it contains Alcohol Denat, so I guess that's why my skin felt the stinging session.   The best part is that it doesn't feel oily at all.  I have combi skin, and totally dis-heart those thick greasy feeling on the skin.  Most of those cream based products just breaks me out and I really really hate that.  This just feel right and nice.

I totally love the fact that it works!  It does leave my skin more supple and I daresay my skin was looking all the more fresher since I started using it.  On days when my skin felt a little down, I use this as a sleeping mask.  I will apply it thicker (no fear cause it does sink into the skin rather quickly) and then off I am to bed.  Next day I will wake up with my skin supple and bouncy.

Is this a re-buy?  I will, but my itchy hands want to have a touch of its sister product too, L'Oreal Hydrafresh Aqua Essence Gel =p


Lavender said...

Nice review. I nearly bought this also.

Sue said...

it's quite nice to use. sometimes i over apply hehe, but no harm on that part coz it's not thick nor greasy. love the fact that it gets abosrb into my skin rather quickly