Friday, December 10, 2010

Review: Nivea Intensive Body Milk

The thing about having your office in a shopping mall is the danger of over-shopping!  The thing about my office is that I have to pay the parking every day, because doing so is cheaper than the monthly parking card =.=  Odd right?  Anyway, it was one of those days that I am with a RM50 only and I need change for my parking.  Since Guardian is nicely situated nearby, I dropped by to scout for the cheapest item ever.  As I was looking around, this cutesy little bottle (if you've been following my blog you'll know I'm a sucker for cute things, designs and packaging... I know, I'm lame that way O.o) going for RM3.40.  So, I thought to myself, why not give this body lotion a try?

That's the story of how I got my hands on Nivea Intensive Body Milk.  It's stated to be for dry-very dry skin =.= Actually I find myself repeating that and thinking, lame-O now.. haha.. okok, back to the main topic.  It's said to last for 24h and gives you a rich sensation when you use it.
In case you are interested, below is the description from the website:

NIVEA Body Intensive Milk is the daily intensive care, especially designed to repair dry and damaged  skin. It contains intensive nourishing milk, formulated with Marine Proteins, which penetrates deep to stimulate skin’s own revitalising system, naturally ensuring moisture production which improves the softness, smoothness and glow of your skin.
Product Action:
Caring lipids and Avocado Oil work intensively on dry skin to leave it soft and smooth all day long. The milk absorbs quickly, restoring skin to its natural softness and smoothness.
NIVEA Body Intensive Milk is specially developed for effective and long-term mositurisation with its intensive caring lipids. It also protects the natural structure of the skin and trains the natural protection of your skin.
The result:
Skin feels soft, moisturised and smooth all day long.

How does it fair?
I honestly couldn't help but compare it to Johnson's Body Lotion.  It does score lower than that.

It is slightly greasy.  I don't really fancy any greasy feeling in the things that I use, so this is a slight turn off for me.  Then again, it may be due to the fact that this contains Avocado oil, hence that slight greasy feeling.  Nonetheless, I tend to apply it right after my shower session, so it does not feel that greasy feeling too long.  Still though, it does give me that slight sticky feeling due to the greasiness.

Although it is not of creamy texture, the lotion is surprisingly thick enough not to run all over.  Yet, I do feel that it's too thick, that I need to apply quite a fair bit in order to cover my body.  May not be that good economically?

It smell like lotion.  Nothing distinctive, but yea, lotion smell.  Not a real turn off for me, but also not a turn on for me.

I have to say that it works quite well ergonomically and economically.  Why? Because I can tilt the bottle upside down without fear of it.  There is however, a downside to it.  It seems to spill over everytime I open in after tilting it.  Some of the lotion do sort of splatter all over, so one needs to be careful when opening it after tilting.

Was reading lipglosseater's review this item, and I realised that the item contains alcohol. While it does not seem to be a big deal to me, I am also learning to ease off on products that contains alcohol.  So I guess this is not a re-purchase for me in all the many reasons. I'm glad that I bought the smaller bottle and it did not cost me a fortune =p

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