Saturday, February 19, 2011

CN Beauty: Waxing Session

There was a recent promotion by Groupsmore on waxing and because I am an avid (not sure if I should be using this word though!! haha) waxer, I couldn't resist such a good deal!
(photo taken from Groupsmore webpage)

As you could see from the description below, the waxing only costs RM19.  This is quite a fair bargain for if you are a frequent visitor to waxing salons.  CN Beauty is an international company that was established back in 1997.  They have a total of 30 branches all over Malaysia.  For this promotion, I figured it was only limited to Klang Valley, and there are 12 locations that was given for us to choose during our purchase of the voucher.  I selected the TTDI branch as it is the nearest to me.

I quite like the frontdesk of the branch in TTDI.  It gives you a sense of peace and relaxation.  It uses a lot of wood colour in its decor and overall concept so I guess that helps in relaxation.  I was served a cup of tea as I got there.  However, I didn't get to drink it as I was busy filling up the form.  Once I was done I was actually asked if we want to get started.  I quite like the attentiveness of the therapist who served me, Kelly, as she actually make a point to inquire if I would want to go to the ladies before we get started.  This is quite rare thing, if you are a frequent visitor to salons.

However, when I got to the room, it felt, old.  I wasn't entirely that comfortable with the room.  Partly because the light was too bright and all.  I was asked to lie down on the bed without a change of pants.  A few that I've been to requires me to change into a bit of cloth for ease of waxing.  Kelly however asked me to fold up my pants.  I was slightly taken aback as I presume that since this is a full scale beauty centre, they would ask me to change into something more comfortable.  Nonetheless I continue.  As I was lying there, I was quite irritated by the light of the room.  Why?  Because the bed I was in placed me in a position where I was directly under the light.  So, I was practically staring into the light.  It's quite harsh and tires my eyes quite a fair me.  That aside, the room uses a normal fan.  I don't mind that it's a fan, but the fan was also directly blowing to my face.  Now, that I mind because I'm wearing contact lens, and the fan was drying them out.  Still, I persisted and did not comment about it.

Now, come to the waxing part.  I like Kelly.  I like how attentive she is in making sure that she covers the whole of my lower legs and making sure that it's done properly.  She actually alerts me every step of the way, keeping me inform what she is going to do.  If there's a part where she wants to run it through a few more times to ensure all the hair are out, she will alert me and explain why.  I like that.  At least I know what she is doing.  The wax is also not uncomfortable and was at the right heat.  The overall experience took us about 40 minutes.  It is usually done faster, but I guess her attentiveness and her meticulousness made a difference and took up the time.

After the waxing was done, Kelly used baby lotion oil on my legs, explaining that it will help to remove the sticky feeling.  She took the time to slowly massage my legs and making sure she covers every part.  She then follow up with a body lotion.  Most of other places that I went to uses either the oil or lotion, but not both.  So it's a pleasant surprised because she took the time to massage my legs during both application.  I was feeling blissful then.

Once done, I was ushered out to the hall whilst she filled up a receipt for me.  During then too, they've changed my glass of hot tea to a different one.  It was warm and soothing.  Kelly explained that the tea is actually Garninie tea.  It helps in detoxification.  Explanation, but no hard selling.  She didn't even tell me the price.  Now that's quite rare because we all know most of the beauty saloons will try to hardsell their services and products to you.  It is only when I inquire further that Kelly did share that the company is having certain promotions and all.

Overall, it was a good experience, albeit the minor design of the place.  If you are looking to go and not mind so much of the ambience, I'm told that CN Beauty (all across their salons) are having a promotion now.  All waxing procedures are at 50% discount.

Update as at April 2011: I had a bad experience the second time I was there.  I don't remember the name of the lady who served me, but it seems that she does not have as good experience as Kelly did.  The wax were very hot every time it rolled on me.  The lady just said, this is the standard heat.  I truly doubt so because the waxing bars I've been to has always been able to adjust the temperature if I were to state it's not.  It does not help when the cover of the waxing roll came loose and lo and behold, the wax all came down onto my legs!  Already feeling the heat, imagine having all of these wax poured onto my legs.  It was truly a disaster.  However, I knew it was an accident and thus, refrained myself from telling the lady off.  She truly looked remorse and scared.  Nonetheless, this means I am not going to this place again.  Most likely I will opt for a different branch should there be such promotions that arise in the future.

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