Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ocean Potion Anti-Aging Sunblock SPF 50 Ultra Light

Having finished my sunblock earlier, I was on my toes scouting for a replacement.  One thing I know what the fact that I wanted to look for one that has at least SPF50 since the current place that I am working is awfully sunny and without any shades.

I saw this brand, Ocean Potion and I find it rather intriguing.  The first thing that came to mind was OP - the brand for sunglasses instead.   Having looked at the different ranges that they have, I finally settled on the Ocean Potion Anti-Aging Sunblock SPF 50 Ultra Light.  The name is awfully long, so I will keep it as OP (makes you think of the other brand, OP for sunglasses eh?) Anti-Aging Sunblock SPF 50.

A quick check at their website shares the following description on the product:

Specially formulated for fair skin, Ocean Potion® Broad Spectrum, Anti-Aging Lotion SPF 50 provides higher sun protection against UVA I, II and UVB sunrays.

This clean, dry formula glides on easily for quick absorption, while enlisting Seaplant extracts and Anti-Oxidant Vitamins A, C, and E that aid in the reduction of cell damaging free radicals for younger looking skin.

Solaplex enhances the stability of Parsol® 1789 (Avobenzone) which makes Ocean Potion sunscreens more reliable and longer lasting.

Does it work as it claimed?
It works decently as a sunblock.  I don't feel the heat burning me as I walk around my office area and that is good, because like I said earlier, it can be rather hot.  It's becoming rather habitual for me to apply this sunblock on my arms before I leave for work, just to make sure I don't feel the burning sensation.  I'm starting to pick up on applying it over my neck and upper chest area (places where our tops usually don't cover).

It smells sweet; berry-like sweetness.  It can be pungent cloying if I were to use it on my face, but since this is for the body, it is still alright.  No worries, I don't smell like a walking berry if that's your concern =p  Some people thought I was wearing perfume though, so you could imagine it being quite strong.  I tend to avoid wearing perfume whenever I am using this sunblock.  It will be an overdose if I do wear perfume *faint*

It is creamy in texture, but it's not the super thick kind.  As it is creamy in texture, I don't have to worry about it dripping when I squeeze it out of the tube.  It applies quite easily, although you need to take some time to massage the sunblock onto your skin.  Otherwise you may see a patch of white on your skin.  Don't think you want to do that right?  It's not sticky though once you massage it in.  It is quite comfy, as though you have just applied body lotion onto your skin.  A decent texture, I'd say.

I like the bottle.  I like the fact that I don't have to turn it upside down to get it out.  All I just need to do is flip open the tube and press, and viola! However, the downside of the packaging is that it kinda attracts dirt.  My bottle is turning quite ugly and I don't know why!  I store it as per all my other items but this is probably the dirtiest bottle on the shelf.  That itself might be a turn off for me to re-purchase.

In overall, it is rather decent for its price at RM28.90.  I might re-purchase it, but I kinda saw their Gentle and Sensitive range, so I'm contemplating of getting that to try instead when I'm done with this.   Too much choices for us!

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