Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nature Republic Grape Fruit Body Lotion

There was a period of time where I was crazy over Nature Republic and I kept buying heaps of their stuff.  One of the items I got during a spree late last year at their main outlet at Berjaya Times Square is the Nature Republic Fruits Morning Fruits Grapefruit Body Lotion.  Evidently during that time, they came up lots of fruity lotions and facial wash that's hard to resist!

Most of the information written is in Korean, so I don't really understand it.  They had a tester pack available and I was trying it on my hand.  The slight citrus-y smell was captivating and without hesitation, I took it.
I've been using it on and off because I can be quite lazy when it comes to applying body lotion.  Guilty! I know I need to be more "rajin" or persistent in applying the lotion given that majority of my time is spent in air-conditioned rooms.

I guess you'll want to know how it fares, eh?

Okay, before that, let me share with you how I apply body lotions.  I tend to do it immediately after shower, pat my body a lil dry (I mean a little) and apply the lotion.  I find the lotions apply much better this way and it keeps my body more moisturised.

The lotion is slightly on the thicker side.  It's not as liquid as water but yet at the same time it's not as thick as creams (think Rosken Body Cream).  I like it when I apply with onto my slightly wet body because it kinda lessen the thickness of the lotion.
However, if I use this on my dry and clean body, I do find it a bit too sticky to my liking.  So I just stick to using it after I shower (whenever I do remember and not that lazy).

Of course it's Grape Fruit smell! What do you expect huh? Hehe, well, it gives the citrusy smell plus a little of the sweet smell, and it is quite decent.  At least it doesn't smell cloying to me.  By the way, it does get quite citrusy, so if you don't really fancy it, this might actually turn you off.

It comes in a tube form which I quite like.  It's easy to dispense and because of its slightly thick texture, I don't have to fear that the lotion will leak or drip when I am applying the lotion.  The tube is quite big too, given that it's 150ml.  I guess it will definitely take me quite a long while before I could finish it since I'm so slow on using it.

Moisture Level
I tend to use it immediately after my shower, so it does quite well.  It is moisturising enough for me, and given that I can get quite lazy sometimes, it works well to bring back the moisture even with one application.

In overall, there isn't a whole great deal of shout-out for this body lotion.  It is a decent buy for its price and it works well, as a body lotion should.

*Item was priced at RM16 during time of purchase.

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