Sunday, October 23, 2011

Benefit Strut

Have I ever told you that I love Benefit products?  However, I find them too expensive here due to the mark up.   Hence after reading Paris B's blog about, I decided to explore it and on my first few checking of it, I landed myself with two Benefit's Creaseless cream Eyeshadows/Liners: Strut and Flatter Me.

 I've mentioned before that I find pencil eyeliners and even sometimes gel liners run on me.  It's quite  pain because it really does look terrible to look like a panda!  Guess what, I use Strut as my eyeliner and it stays perfectly for the whole day.  I think I just found the best eyeliner that suits me.  Woo hoo! Of course, that is, besides the Empro Diamond Black Eyeliner.

I don't have to worry about it smudging throughout the day.  Granted, there it does fade a little after about 6-7 hours of wearing, but it's quite minimal, given that I do have oily lids and most eyeliners don't last me even 2 hours before turning me into a panda @.@

Strut is described as smokey denim at Benefit's website.  Some described it as Charcoal Black.  I'm not sure if it fits the bill totally, but when you open it up, it looks dark grey in the bottle and when applied, it is dark grey with blueish tint.  Since I work it as an eyeliner, it does seem a little light for night use.  I tend to use this for day time because it just sits nicely on my lids and makes my eyes pop still =D

There are days where I wish Benefit does have a black creaseless cream eyeshadow/ liner because they really do work wonders for me.  I am definitely eyeing Benefit's Skinny Jeans.  However, I find that it's overpriced here (at RM85) and am not exactly keen to pay so much for an eyeshadow/ liner that isn't black.

Maybe when I go a bit crazy I might do some ordering.  In the meanwhile, I am still on the lookout at in hopes for good deals for Benefit Creaseless Eyeshadow/ Liner.

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