Monday, October 31, 2011

Nature Republic Coenzyme Q10 solutionmask

It's been a while since I've applied sheet mask and I figured it is about time.  It's been raining everyday in the afternoon or evening and today's no exception.  I'm holing myself in my room and with the wonderful breeze, I really want to enjoy myself now.

So I went to my fridge to grab my Nature Republic Coenzyme Q10 Solution Mask.  It's written that it is formulated with MD 202 Water.  I did a search on it and found no returns, except for Nature Republic products.  I kinda assume that it's for hydration purpose.  Anyway, I tend to skew myself to Nature Republic's sheet masks cause I find them a better fit for my chubby face.

Like most korean products, their descriptions are in korean and because I am not korean nor am I brought up to know the language, I have no idea what's written.  One thing though, they have a few pictures to show you the sequence of order:

The first thing that hit me when I open the package is the smell.  It carries a tinge of smell that's kinda cloying.  But it's for a split second though.  Thank goodness, for I cannot imagine having to smell that cloying smell for 20-30 minutes whilst the mask is on my skin.

Hydration wise it looks good.  I do find my skin well hydrated throughout the day after using the mask.  Mind you, this is without putting any moisturisers on my skin after the mask.  At the end of the day I do find my skin feeling a little oily.  But it's okay since I am at home and if I were to use this on normal days, it will be used at night rather than during daytime (today is kinda like an exception).

Will I rebuy?  Typically, I find Nature Republic's masks fits me snugly as compared to the others, so I would still buy and explore others.

This one costs about RM7.90-RM9.90 if my memory serve me well.

p/s: Good news! My friend updated me that Nature Republic will soon be open in One Utama.  For those who are staying in PJ, you don't have to drag yourself all the way to KL (as they are only available at Fahrenheit88 and Berjaya Times Square) to get them.  As for the dates, I have no idea =p

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