Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Etude House Sun Guard Natural Covering Color Base 42 SPF/ PA ++

I find myself getting lagging in terms of blogging, and many-a-times I ended up blogging items when it's near binning time! Gosh.  This item is no exception.  Man, what a long name for a sunblock: Etude House Sun Guard Natural Covering Color Base 42 SPF/ PA ++.  It is definitely a mouthful.  I shall keep it as Sun Guard Natural Covering Sunblock.

Not long after I bought, used and finished my Etude House Glow Base Sun Guard did Etude House changed its entire range of sunblock.  This is one item that is supposed to be nearest to the one that I used previously.  I really liked the previous item and I had really high hopes that it will work the same.  However, I have to say that both items are very different.

The one I had is pretty much a sunblock cum make up base.  Whilst it's good to know that one does not have to apply sunblock and base(2 in 1 formula), I have a little gripe about this one.

For one, I cannot apply this like any typical face sunblock because of its colour.  Otherwise, I look like I'm wearing a mask.  This then causes me probably not to have enough sunblock on my face.  I've not seen any "results" from the lack of sunblock (thank God for it) but I do worry because it can creep onto me later on.  Most days, I do just risk wearing "mask" with this item and apply a little more just to ensure that I have ample coverage.

Even if I do apply more, there is another problem.  It runs.  It kinds slip off my face after a while.  This kinda annoys me because whilst it's supposed to function as a base, it doesn't.  It causes my make up to slip.  Now I have to resort to using another make up base before my powder.  Talk about heavy layering!  But still once I do apply another base on top of the sunblock, it works.  My make up stays, and I don't look as though I am wearing a mask.  Phew for that.  Otherwise, this item would really be a waste of my money.

Will I re-purchase?  I don't think so.  I'm already on the look out for a different sunblock because the ones from Etude House doesn't interest me anymore.  Any recommendations from you guys?


Lavender said...

My all time fav sunblock cum makeup base is Biore Perfect Milk spf50PA++. I have reviewed it in my blog.It's RM20 plus and controls oil well.

Sue said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll definitely check it out when I drop by Watsons or Guardian. Looks good in terms of the budget =D