Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Binnings for Sept/ Oct 2011

There's quite a number of things that I binned for the month of Sept and Oct! I'm so happy with it.  I think being one that likes to buy skincare and cosmetics, we rarely do get to finish everything (well, most things I would gather).  It is considered substantial for me cause I am not a heavy user of skincare and cosmetics (if there's such a thing).

Organic Aid Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream
Used it back in early September.  You can read the review here.

FOTE Block Up SPF50
This is the small bottle that I finished up rather quickly.  A good item for me to travel with but something that I would forego for the odd smell.  Might need a bit of a touch up on that one.  Check out the review here.

Benefit That Gal Face Primer
I left one on its own for a while and decided to use it all up.  It's my beloved primer so I was sitting on it for a while. Haha.. now it's gone! Sob sob

TheFaceShop Nail Nutrition
Had to throw this out as it's been sitting there for too long.  Check out the difference in colour here.  Looks kinda scary to me.. urgh...

Garnier Aqua Defense Intensive Moisturising Essence Gel
This is my second tub of it and it's all gone!  Good item for great price.  Check out the review here.

Loreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine All day Hydrating & Mattifying Gel
Check it out here.  Btw, there was a warehouse sale and I got another one cause I wanted to try it with its non anti-shine version. Yeaps, I got that too!

Laneige Water Sleeping Face Pack
I didn't do a review on this, but this is something that was gifted to me by Plusizekitten as I went to celebrate her birthday!  It's a fun to use item but something that I cannot use every night because it broke me out! Ergh, I think it's probably too moisturising for my skin.  I used it once a week to twice a week but not routinely.  Just something that I reach out and grabbed to use when my skin's a little too hydrating.  All's fun =D  Not something I would go n purchase full size though eventhough there's great reviews of it out there.

Vaseline Healthy Sunblock Water Resistant UV Proctection Lotion SPF30
One of the good value sunblock out there.  I finished up in one month's time.  Heavy usage on this one.  I checked the price and it's valued at RM20++ now instead of RM10.  Thank God I decided to grab a few more before the price jack.

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