Friday, June 22, 2012

Clear 38

This was recommended to me buy my optometrist, saying that it's a brand from Singapore and there are many who are buying it to try.  I decided to give it a try since, heck, the Bausch & Loamb which was supposed to be working for my eyes seems to be giving me issues out of the blue.

Initially, I really like this.  It is quite comfy and it seems to work well for me.  However, for some strange reason, it started giving me issues during my last pair and couldn't last me for 4 weeks.  I though, hey, maybe it is just that pair and I bought another box of three pairs to try.  Again, first pair works, but second and third pairs started to fail me.  It was causing my eyes to be dry and I was fast getting headache from wearing this contact lens.

Will I repurchase again?  Sadly, no.  It is not working and these couple of weeks I've resorted to wearing my spectacles in order to give my eyes some breathing space.

I guess it is now off to look for another suitable monthly lenses.

Any recommendations, anyone?

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