Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Binnings for May & June 2012

Another batch of binnings!  I'm making way in clearing up my stuff every 2 months.  Now, how to get the make up stuff to be cleared off much faster?  That itself is a definite feat.

The Body Shop Mascara.  This was a gift from someone a while back.  I didn't even remember I had it in one of my drawers.  It's long gone I guess, given that it's now all dried up.

Biore UV Sunblock.  Review coming up soon!

Hada Labo Arbutin Essence.  Had this for ages.  Does it work?  Hm, I don't really think so?  Anyhow, it took forever for me to finish it as I find my skin a little intolerant to long term use of whitening products.  I kept stopping after using it a few weeks in a row.

Life Code  BioTRA Moisturizing Essence.  This came with a trial pack that I received when I attended their blogger event.  It was kinda chucked aside until recently when I find my skin getting extremely dry.  It's a gel transparent essence.  I tend to apply it onto my cheek area and it does help to lessen the dryness I was experiencing.  It's quite a small tube so I did finish it quite fast.  No idea the price of it now.

Elisha Coy Always Nuddy BB 24.  After chucking it aside and using it only occasionally, I'm finally done with it.  Lovely item, except when it slides off the face after about 5 hours or so.

Loreal Angelfit Concealer.  Been using it for like, forever.  The recent few times that I used it, it kinda turn funny on my face, hence off it goes to the bin.  

Loreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine All Day Hydrating & Mattifying Icy Gel.  Like it, but can't use it for too long.  Might've caused my skin to be drying rather than hydrating though.  What I like is the icy feeling when applied on the skin.  Other than that, hm... might not be for me I guess.

Lip Balm.  Honestly, I can't for the life of me remember the brand of this lip balm.  It has the word Bee with it and it's available at Watsons.  I really dislike this lip balm because it's so waxy and thick.  It feels a little yucky when applied.  I forced myself to finish it because I don't want to waste it.  This will not be repurchased.  I do think those lip balm from Daiso scores better than this long tube here.

I do realise that out of all these, I've only written a few of them.  Need to get my butt moving de!

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