Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Essence 15 Behind the Scenes Kajal Pencil Eyeliner

Okay, I truly am a sucker for grey these days.  When I saw this eyeliner, like the brush, I couldn't resist because I was looking for a grey eyeliner.  This truly stood out for me along with the brush... man, I have it bad, ain't I?  I am not one that is suited for pencil eyeliner because I have oily lids and they tend to smudge on me within the hour I wore them.  Hence, it is rarely that I do reach out for pencil eyeliner.  I've even given some away because they smudge within minutes of me applying it *shudder*

However, for this darling grey, I couldn't resist.  Plus, I think the price helps to seal the deal for me as it was selling for only RM4.90.  Such a bargain item and it’s cheaper than some of our drugstore items.

I'd say this is dark grey.  I tend to avoid black eyeliner these days because not only I look like a panda when they smudge, black eyeliner tends to dull my skin and makes me look sickish.  Dark grey seems to suit me just fine, even if I were to do smokey eyes, it suits me well.  I tend to line my eyes thickly, instead of a tightlining or lining my eyes as near to my lashes as possible.  This does help to make my eyes pop and I love it for doing so.  But like I said, I don’t have high expectation on it.  It does smudge, but it’s not too bad as long as I remember to layer my eyelids with a bit of powder to keep the oiliness at bay.  As I am in the office most of the time, it does last me at least 4 hours before smudging slightly.  That is wayyy good de for me.  Also, it tends to fade off slightly but  tends to stay on till the evening. 

For the price, it’s good.  Nonetheless, I'm on the lookout for something that can last me longer.

Picture: from ebay as I can't seem to snap a nice pic of this eyeliner.

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