Monday, February 25, 2013

Change of Blog Address

Okay, I know this is abrupt, but I've been contemplating it for a bit.
 will be changing my blog address to  The reason for the change is that I find my old address is too long.  After playing with some names and etc, I've settled on for dailyfemme.

As I know some are still reading my current blog so, if you are, please note that I will be moving my blog over to in about a month's time.  After which, this current blog address will cease to exist.  I will be doing a full replacement instead of creating a new blog (blogger is good! I can just edit/ change my blog address instead of doing manual postings)

So, if you are seeing this post and don't want to miss out on future postings, do remember to bookmark the new blog address ya.

Thanks for being such wonderful readers of mine! lotsa love.  Hope you don't mind the change.

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