Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Silkygirl Gentle Eye Make Up Remover

Another whim purchase that proves to be... a whim.

I got this during a visit to Watson.  These days, it's all about getting the essentials and as I was paying for the things that I bought, I paid more than RM20 and was eligible to make a purchase of items at a discounted rate.  As I was browsing the items, I noticed this Silkygirl Eye Make Up Remover and I remembered I was almost done with my L'oreal Eye Make Up Remover.  Hence, without thinking things through, I grabbed this.  I think it was one big bottle cum one small bottle for around RM16 (RP for both is about RM22, me thinks.  Please correct me if I am wrong).

Do I like it?  Well, in all honesty, it does it's job in removing eyeliners but not in the best way.  I tend to have to rub my eyelid quite a few times (I can't help comparing it with my Maybelline and L'oreal Eye Make Up Removers) before the liner comes off.  Mind you, it is Pencil eyeliner, granted it is waterproof.   Things aren't as good especially when I use a eyelid primers.  God forbid if I were to use primer with liquid/ gel eyeliner.  It's a mess!  Not only that, it doesn't do justice in removing my mascara.  I have to hold it against my eye for quite a while to remove them, and even after that, it's a slow rub to get the mascara off my lashes.  

I guess if you tend to use light make up, this might be the thing for you.  However, for the price, I think I might as well revert to either Maybelline or L'oreal Eye Make Up Removers.  

(Uh Oh, I just realise I've never blogged about the Maybelline and L'oreal Eye Make Up Removers!  I'll try to remedy this ASAP)

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