Friday, November 26, 2010

Etude House Nail Polish WH701HD - Metallic Grey

Like I said in an earlier post, I'm like crazy over nail polishes these days and they got darker in terms of colors too! Haha...Here's my latest conquest.  Why did I go for grey?  It's also coz I'm in the GREY mode these days.  I'm even looking for a pair of grey shoes =.=  Maybe I am turning grey??? OH NO! That lady's GREY!! *wokay, me going wonkers*

Please excuse my not so nice painting of my nails.  Still trying to improve on it and all.

How do I like it?  
I do wonder if it's me or if it's the nail polish as I seem to be encountering some issues during application.  This colour is seriously not easy to apply it.  A thinner layer seems to clump together rather quickly.  I guess it dries fast?  I had to redo my left hand and make sure I get thick and gooey polish using the brush to ensure that the colours applied well.

Other than that, the colour is so pretty! It lasted me more than a week without chipping of any sort and it's with 1 base coat, 2 coating of grey and 1 top coat.  The colour are rather pretty and quite similar to the picture.  At least a number of people commented that it's a very nice colour... hehe

Is this a rebuy?  Well, depending I guess? I'm still out searching for a different grey (Crazy me) and if I do find a better one, I guess I will forego this one, of course provided that grey is easier to apply =.=

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