Thursday, January 3, 2013

Binning at the start of the year

This is it folks.  It's the start of the year, and the first thing I did was to start clearing stuff from my room.  I have to say that I have a tendency to hog and keep things thinking that I will use it in the near future.  Many a times, I don't and I just keep and keep and keep.  This year, I'm resolved to cut down on the things that I keep in my room, because I want to keep things as simple as I can... what's the best way than to start throwing out things that's been used and bin them.. *wink*

Kao Essential Damage Care Nuance Airy Shampoo.  
Got this during my last Singapore trip.  Don't see it anywhere in KL though.  I tried this whilst I was bunking at a friend's place and found that it really does help to keep my hair light and bouncy.  So, off I went to the nearest Watsons and grabbed it for SGD2.  Totally a bargain purchase!

Garnier Mineral 24H Dry Care
Bought this on a whim, and partly cause my previous one was finished.  Smells good and it does help to keep sweat away.  However, it's a little too wet during application.  Am glad I've finished it =D

Elken Elysyle Coral Glow Lip Gloss
Shared this purchase with a friend cause the colour looks nice.  However, I dislike that it is sticky upon application.  I was trying my very best to finish using it because, really, how many people would like their lips to have to sticky feeling?  I sure don't.  Boy, am I glad I'm done with it.

Korean Brand Pink Lipgloss
Okay, this is a cheat.  I didn't finish it but I decant it.  why?  Because the top portion broke.  It looks so pink here right?  But in actual fact, once applied, it gives my lip a very natural soft look which I love.  Hence the decanting.... (sorry, can't remember the brand though)

Maybelline Mineral BB Cream
Okay, I cut this into half because I knew there were more inside this little tube.  Sorry for the maimed look.  Review is here.

Beautilicious Magic Spell Auto Eyeliner (vitalizing + waterproof)
Seriously, I do buy a lot of things on a whim eh?  This is one of them too.  I was testing out some eyeliners and when I saw this on sale, I just grabbed it without thinking twice.  Initially, when I first used it, it smeared and it felt too creamy for my lids (I got oily lids).  After leaving it lying for almost 1 year (I don't really remember how long), I picked it up from my drawer and start using it.  What do you know?  It turned out to be one of the best eyeliner for me.  It didn't smear and it truly is waterproof.  I used it so frequently that it was used up pretty quickly.  From this experience too, I realised that for eyeliners to work for me, I have to leave them be for a while before using it on my lids.

Random Compact Powder
This was a crazy and silly purchase.  I went to Daiso, saw this little thing and bought it to use.  I have to say that it works pretty well to stave the oilies off my face.  I would guess that given this is from Japan, the QA is better than in this part of Asia.  I know most people do freak out for this is just RM5... (mental block eh? Cheap things = no quality), but really, this is a good purchase.  I've not been back to Daiso to buy more because I already had a back up from a different brand.  However, if you are looking for cheap bargains and from a trusted brand, I'd say head on to Daiso and have a look around.  You'll be surprised how much gems you can find in that shop.

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