Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Binnings for the Last 3 Months

Been ages since I've done this.  I'm growing ever more in my binnings and I'm quite happy about it.  I'm currently on cosmetic shopping ban and will be so till June this year.  Trust me, I have ample of things to blog about with my huge collection of skincare and cosmetics that's about to spill out from my cupboard.

*Sorry about the pic, had to rely on my iPhone for now as there's some issue with my camera's SD card.  It looks like it's time for me to buy a new one @.@

Here's the items:

  • Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner: This was my very first liquid eyeliner gifted to me by a friend.  I like it cause it doesn't smear and it stayed on my eyelids for the longest time.  However, after a few months, it was giving me a bit of a weird feeling, where my eyelids seemed heavy when I have it on.  I stopped using it for a while now but somehow in all my binnings, this seemed to be hidden well till now.
  • SiklyGirl Duo Eye Shadow 10 Gold Emerald: Again, another one of my very first beauty purchase.  I remember buying this as I was wanting to try putting on make up for a wedding dinner.  Works well, but because of my oily eyelids, the colors fades off quite quickly.  This was chucked aside and I stopped using it.  Time for me to say goodbye to it now.
(crazy it seems, I'm chucking them one by one as I'm writing this post =D)
  •  ianti Luxe Jewelry Pact Powder (Dark Beige): Oh, the horror! I just realised that I've never blogged about this pact powder.  Lovely item for it's price (less than Rm20 if I remember correctly).  I was quite taken aback when I first tried it because the SA recommended me Dark Beige.  I'm actually quite fair and so usually I go for something lighter.  However, the colour matches my skin well and it works well as a foundation powder.  I tend to reach out for it because I'm lazy like that =P.  I'm not sure if ianti is still around because I don't really see it anywhere.  The branch in Times Square which I used to frequent has closed down since last year.  
  • ianti Luxe Jewelry Blusher (#04 - Sexy Pink):  What can I say, love the colour and the softness of it when applied on my cheeks.  Downside of this is, the colour fades off rather quickly, around 2 hours.  I had to throw it away because the packaging was plastic and the cover broke.  
  • Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Instant Skin Perfecting Cream with Micro-Minerals (BB cream): Man, what a mouthful.
  • L'oreal Derma Genesis  Cellular-Youth Creator Pore Minimising Smoother Gel Cream: There goes another one.
  • b.liv by cellniq Off with Those Heads Pro Sebum Gel: This took me forever to finish because I slack in between wayyy too much.  However, it still works well even though I stopped using it  for a period of time. 
  • Etude Sun Guard Natural Covering Color Case SPF 42
  • Skin79 The Oriental Gold BB Cream and Super + Beblesh Balm Trip Function: Lovely when applied on the skin but it's quite thick.  Does get oily after about 6 hours.  Nonetheless, the skin continue to look good after blotting.  It's said to have whitening effect but I could not see any effects from using it.  I tend to use my BB Cream as foundation and not on its own.
  • Empro Diamond Black Eyeliner
  • Vaseline Healthy Sunblock: Am now using my second one!  
  • Etude House Collagen Moistfull Emulson: Nice on the skin.  Not sure of its efficacy as this is just a test tube.  Wish the bottle would be made in a way where it's easier to be poured out as the liquid is slightly thicker than water and tends to bunch (can they do that?) at the top.  I had to tap it onto my palm for the liquid to come out (sometimes it gushes out and I would end up having too much).  Then again, this is a free sample.


Lavender said...

Wow, congrats for clearing your stock! It has been ages since we met. I think last year on Tammy's KFC bday party until now. This year has been very quiet.No blogger activities/workshop yet.

Sue said...

Thanks! Working hard to clear more and refraining myself from all those temptations! haha...

Yes, been a while since we've met. We should meet up soon, just to catch up :D

wifluvelle said...

etude house emulsion smells wonderful ya? ^^

xoxo elle

Sue said...

that it does, elle... hehe... too bad the sample wasn't bigger!